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Customer Acquisition Made Easy with a Customer-to-Customer Marketing Solution 

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TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

Grow Sales with TADA's

Customer Marketing Software (CMS)

Did you know that based on a recent study that businesses, on average, are making $6.50 for each $1 spent on influencer marketing?

Source: Tomoson Influencer Study

Advertising was built on the notion of interruption (newspaper ads, radio ads, television ads, etc. interrupt us). However, in an era of smartphones and social media, word of mouth becomes the killer marketing tool. Power has finally shifted to the consumer.

Advertising Reimagined: A Customer Marketing Platform for Local Businesses

TADA is not like any other platform you've used – it's a customer-to-customer marketing platform that reimagines what it means to "advertise" for local businesses.


Unlike traditional advertising where businesses pay platforms (e.g., newspapers, radio, TV, direct mail, search, social) to advertise to the platform's customers, TADA provides software where:

  • Businesses: Local businesses can make (and manage) payments to their own customers when those customers deliver tangible, measurable sales for their local business, and

  • Customers: People can be rewarded by the brands they love when they simply share information that helps others to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY Better in their local communities.

TADA makes it easy for local businesses to grow their sales by paying their customers (not platforms) for advertising. You’re already paying for advertising. Why not pay your best advertiser — your customers?




Social Media Platforms

TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

What Do You Pay For?

An opportunity (measured by an impression, click, like, etc.)

What Do You Pay For?

A sale (measured by cash paid directly to your local business)

Who Do You Pay?

Large platforms that are not based in your local community.

Who Do You Pay?

Your customers who live, shop, work and play in your local community

How Does It Work?

Your business pays another business to market to customers (Business-to-Customer).

How Does It Work

Your business pays your customers to market to customers (Customer-to-Customer)


You're sitting on a gold mine — your relationship with your existing customers. However, this invaluable asset has been ignored by traditional technology platforms (they prefer that you pay to advertise to their customers not yours).


TADA prioritizes your customers and, therefore, is not built around:

  1. Paying large platforms that are not based in your local community to reach their customers, or

  2. Vanity metrics like the number of users, likes, clicks, impressions, engagement, leads, etc.

If that's what you're looking for, we have some great platform suggestions for you.


We are focused on one thing (YOUR CUSTOMERS) and their ability to help your local brand generate more sales.


Your current customers know your future customers. Your brand is missing a huge opportunity to grow your business if you're not paying your customers to advertise for you.


According to a recent study by Tomoson (an influencer marketing research company), businesses are making $6.50 for every $1 spent on influencer marketing.

TADA's Customer Marketing Software (CMS) enables any participating brand to establish a vast network of incentivized micro-marketers working for their brand via our innovative locally-focused marketing platform.

Ready to turn your customers into your best growth channel?

Join our waitlist and receive your 1st 3 months of a TADA GEO subscription (Standard) for free (a $150 value).

Our beta version is available only on Apple iOS devices

TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

Earn points and even cash for simply referring TADA to friends, family members, local businesses, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Invite your friends to TADA

  2. If your friend has their own business, then have them sign-up for a GEO subscription.

  3. Your friend receives a GEO Plus subscription (Price: $100 per month) for only $50 per month.

  4. You will receive a $25 payment for each referral that leads to a sale. 

[Under Construction . . . Paid Referrals for our Customer Marketing Software (CMS) will start on March 1st, 2021]

4 reasons why customer marketing will increase loyalty and grow local sales

TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

You Scale Your Business By Scaling Word of Mouth: Unlike Institutional ad platforms, a Customer Marketing platform allows your customers to earn money when their marketing efforts deliver sales to your business. 


You Reward Your Customers with a Simple Scan: We give you the ability to reward your customers for word of mouth referrals as easy and simple as paying your Uber driver. Referral incentives are a great way to turn happy customers into advocates for your brand.


Your Customers Will Love It: Your customers earn status and influence when they share what they love with the people they love. No one will recommend something to a friend or family member just because they're getting paid.


It's a Win-Win: It's a win-win for your brand . . . you get the sale and your customers get rewarded. Customer-to-customer referrals for local businesses are the future of local advertising.

What's different about TADA Local?


Local brands ONLY pay for advertising when a sale is made, NOT for vanity metrics like impressions, clicks, likes, etc.


Your customers NOT institutions get paid for advertising via new and innovative customer marketing software.


Your ad dollars are invested in your local community NOT some other community across the country or across the world.


Local leaderboards, verification badges and other trust signals reward good (and discourage bad) behavior.


Customer marketing is the future of advertising because people trust other people – it’s the reason why we jump into cars with strangers or stay in strangers’ homes.

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."  Victor Hugo

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