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Why Now?


COVID-19 Accelerated Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across industries (e.g., remote work, remote learning, telemedicine, retail).


COVID-19 Also Revealed Some Hard Truths

The global pandemic also revealed some hard truths about our need and love for local businesses.


We Can't Function Without Our Local Businesses

It revealed that it’s very difficult for us to function for extended periods without our local businesses.

Physical Retail Isn't Dying.png

Physical Retail Isn't Dying, It's Evolving

You’ve been told for years “physical retail is dying” because "the internet and social media shifted the advantage to online businesses," but that was never true.

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We Need Physical Experiences and Social Interactions

We need and crave the physical experiences and social interactions that we get from local businesses, NOT online businesses.

Unfair Advantage (Transparent) (7.20.20)

The Advantage was always YOURS

This means . . . your local (physical) business always had an advantage over online businesses – it’s the reason why e-commerce sales remained less than 10% of all retail sales until recently.

The advantage was always yours – you just didn’t have the right tools and technology to exploit your advantage . . .  until the smart app.

With the launch of the smart app, your advantage became unfair.

Covid 19

What's Different?


"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen."


The global pandemic has accelerated a massive shift to digital offerings across industries in a matter of weeks what, otherwise, might have taken a decade or more before.


We believe a shift to mobile-first offerings for local businesses was inevitable, but the pandemic simply accelerated the need for a new type of mobile app by several years.


Since the global pandemic broke the connections between local businesses and their customers in an unprecedented way, local businesses will now need faster, simpler and cheaper ways to connect and communicate with their customers.

Impacted by COVID-19?

Click Here to Learn More About How Smart Apps Can Help During These Challenging Times


COVID-19 Changed Everything

The global pandemic revealed that the physical experiences and social interactions we get from local businesses are essential to our mental, social and economic well-being.

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Handsome shop assistant is smiling while

The Local Advantage

This means local businesses always had an advantage over their online peers they simply lacked the right tools and technology needed to exploit their advantage . . . until TaDaah!.

A New Type of Mobile App

TaDaah! is a simpler, faster and cheaper way for your local business to create a new type of mobile app (a "Smart App") that's focused on expanding your reach and brand awareness locally.

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A New News Feed Exclusively for Local Businesses

With a smart app your local business gets a new mobile app that showcases your business where it matter mosts: in your local community.


Your app will launch directly into a local news feed available only for local businesses  your customers will not need to search, find and then download your new mobile app from an app store with millions of other apps.

In 2019, U.S. brick & mortar store closings were up 68% YOY to a record 9,300 stores.

In 2020, the store closures numbers are on track to reach 20,000 – 25,000 stores.

Local Stores.png

Key Takeaway

BEFORE the global shutdown, the old ways of connecting with customers nearby (e.g., websites, mobile apps, social media, various location-based solutions) did not prevent record store closings, so they won't help going forward.

Smart Media

a definition

A new type of digital media that is designed specifically and exclusively for local businesses.

Want to become the envy of any business that doesn't have a physical location? If so, get a smart app. Smart apps provide any business with a physical location with an unfair advantage over any business that doesn't have a physical location.

"Smart media is like a members only club for local businesses with physical locations that's been designed to increase connections and interactions with customers nearby."

Legacy Solutions Were Ineffective BEFORE. Post-Pandemic Things Will Be Much Worse.

According to a June 2020 report from Coresight Research, a retail research firm, U.S. retailers are on track to close between 20,000 and 25,000 stores this year, about 60% of them in malls. That’s up from the firm’s previous estimate in mid-March of 15,000 closings, and it would surpass the record 9,300 stores closures last year.

COVID Will Accelerate Some Existing Trends

The global shutdown has accelerated store closings for both large and small brands (e.g., JCPenny, Pier 1, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers).

Your Business Doesn't Need to Be One of Them 

Smart apps will help solve and, in some instances, reverse this trend for businesses who are willing to embrace the future of local commerce.

Sign-up for your free mobile app today

Sign-up for your free mobile app (a "Smart App") today and start connecting with customers nearby faster, simpler and cheaper than ever before.

To Reach Customers Now, You MUST Be Mobile

Physical brands (both large and small) that are ineffective at connecting with their customers on mobile devices run the risk of losing market share or, worse, closing.

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