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Is it easy to build a smart app (your own mobile app)?

Yes. TaDaah! offers an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself way to create your own mobile app in a matter of seconds. Need to connect with customers nearby? Snap, Post and Attract. Upgrade your smart app and we will guarantee 100% message delivery to any user that follows you on TaDaah!.


Can I create a smart app without knowing how to code?

Absolutely. TaDaah! is user-friendly and makes it possible to build a professional mobile app without knowing how to code. With our easy-to-use Smart App Editor, you can snap, pin and post any local information, photo, video, etc. that you would like to share with customers nearby.


How do I make my smart app mobile friendly?

Your smart app automatically comes mobile, social and local friendly. The Smart App Editor makes it easy to customize your smart app based on your business' specific needs. The fact that all smart apps are placed dynamically and algorithmically in location-based news feeds means that they will be easy for your customers to discover your local business on TaDaah!.


How do I create a free smart app?

You can create a free smart app by signing up via our website or by signing up via our mobile app (currently, only available in Apple's App Store). If you sign-up on our website, then you simply download the app and use the same username and password to sign-in to the app and you can begin immediately to snap, post and connect with customers nearby.


What do I get if I upgrade my smart app?

You get enhanced features and functionality:

  • Access to Multiple Smart App templates per location

  • Unlimited smart app updates

  • 100% Guaranteed Message Delivery

  • Video Uploads

  • Ability to Link to Your Website

  • Social Features like the ability be followed 

  • And much, much more . . . .


Should I hire a local marketer to help get the message out about my smart app?

Smart apps have been designed to be intuitive to use and easy to discover. However, as with any local marketing campaign, it helps to have existing customer relationships in place to leverage new offerings.


How is that I'm able to build and host my smart app for free?

When you create a smart app with TaDaah!, you get reliable, scalable and free app hosting. All your local content will be stored on secure servers. So no matter where your visitors come from, your smart app will load fast. All smart apps come with free, reliable and scalable hosting; however, if you upgrade you can get enhanced features and functionality.


What makes a smart app so different from everything else in the market?

Smart apps are not unlike email, websites, social media posts, etc. They are technology (or tools) that a local business can use initially to reach existing customers in the hope that the business will also be able to connect and communicate with new customers.


However, what makes smart apps so different from other technologies is that they were designed specifically and exclusively for local businesses and they give you control over your own mobile app.

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