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If you want to grow your local business, then you need a faster, simpler and cheaper way to get noticed in your local community.

Marketing simply means getting noticed, but the problem with the app stores is that it's very hard for your local business to get noticed in them.

Smart Apps Will Help Your Business with Its Notice Problem

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Smart apps are designed to get your local business noticed by placing your business in front of prospective customers at the start of their journey (at the top of your sales funnel).

Your Customers' Journey

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  • Enters a search query in a search engine

  • Scrolls through a social news feed

  • Walks or drives around their local community


  • Discovers information like your brand and your offerings via search, social, walking, driving, etc.


  • Reviews alternatives and then makes a go/no go decision to buy

Your Customer

  • Reaches the magic moment and goes from prospect to customer by  taking a desired action (e.g., visiting or buying something from your physical or online store)

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 When customers search for information in your industry, you want to be the local business they find.

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The problem with app stores is that it's hard for local businesses to get noticed in them. If I don’t already know about your mobile app, I will not likely find it in the app stores.

We rarely “bump into” mobile apps in the app stores.

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The TaDaah! Platform

Your smart app focuses on getting your business noticed in 2 of the most important phases of your customers' journey: search and find.

Register your smart app today! Instead of being placed in a crowded app store, your smart app is placed in a social and local business directory that makes it exponentially simpler and faster for your business to get noticed locally.

Mobile Apps vs. Smart Apps

Smart Apps . . . Your Unfair Advantage

(Available ONLY for Local Businesses)

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There's nothing to build, your smart app is ready to get your business noticed locally with a few taps.

Traditional Mobile App

(Available for ANY Business)

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Your mobile app "sits and waits" to be discovered in an app store.

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Our goal here is to show your smart app to as many people as possible in your local community.

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Our goal here is to ensure your local business is top of mind on your customers' journey.

With a smart app, your app will no longer be downloaded like a traditional mobile app nor will it "sit and wait" to be discovered in an app store.


Instead, your customers will discover it like they discover most of their content today . . . via a social news feed that uses a social graph to dynamically and algorithmically show you what you want to see when and where you want to see it.

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Your local business has an advantage over your online peers.

Smart apps have been designed to help you exploit that advantage.

Use Your Unfair Advantage to Grow Your Local Business

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