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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get TaDaah!

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Download: Once you receive the email link, download the TaDaah! app in Apple’s App Store

Step 2: Get a Premium Subscription

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Sign-up: Sign-up for a Geo App for your local business in seconds

Step 3: Tell Your Customers About Your Smart App

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Share: Drive traffic to your business by telling your customers about your new mobile app and the real-time promotions, specials, discounts, vouchers, etc. you will offer on it.

Step 4: Generate Sales with Your Smart App

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Connect, Sell and Grow: Your Smart App will help you connect with customers nearby, sell more of what you offer and grow your local business.

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  1. They both offer you free services that provide you with a minimum “opportunity” to connect with customers (e.g., hand out flyers in town squares, post updates on your website or social media page). Click to Learn More.

  2. They both offer you paid services that increase your “opportunity” to connect with customers (e.g., your town square landlord charges you per square foot to lease a space that increases your opportunity to connect, your search engine charges you per click to do the same, and your social network charges you per impression). Click to Learn More.

  3. However, we go a step further and offer you magical services. Our digital town squares will create magic for your brick-and-mortar brand because Geo Apps (our paid service) provide brick-and-mortar brands with an unfair advantageClick to Learn More About the Magic.

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  1. They are a new and improved way to spread the word about your local brand. Click to Learn More.

  2. The business model is ideal for brands of all sizesClick to Learn More.

  3. The COVID-19 crisis and its after effects have provided us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent and reimagine the way we interact in our cities, suburbs and neighborhoods and it all starts with new town squares and Geo Apps. Click to Learn More.

  4. They are better for society and better for businessClick to Learn More.

The Hustle and Bustle of Town Squares

Each town square is individually unique, but many have a familiar, mixed-use composition like:

  • 30% Dining

  • 30% Shopping

  • 10% Entertainment (e.g., movie theaters, concert venues) 

  • 30% Miscellaneous (e.g., gyms, pharmacies, hotels, residences)

While the composition of brands will be different for your town square, all town squares are designed to allow people to gather to connect, interact and transact at social and economic centers in their local community.


If you can type, text or tweet, then you can get your Smart App in seconds.

Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) builder and editor comes with stunning, software widgets that reduce the time and cost to get important information to customers nearby.

Customer Acquisition for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Use your new customer acquisition tools to grow your business by sharing local information with customers nearby


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Smart Apps

Sharing Local Information

Local brands use their smart app to share local information for easy discovery

Discovering Local Information

Local consumers discover things to do, places to go, stuff to buy, etc. at their favorite brands

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When more brands create smart apps

Then more consumers come to see the latest smart apps

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Smart Media:

A Simpler and Easier Way to Acquire New Customers

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