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How to use the TADA app

Our core service is developing technology that allows local brands to reward their customers for word of mouth (or customer-to-customer) referrals. Here’s how the app works, step by step:

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Step 1

A local brand runs a local promotion

A local brand signs up for a GEO Store subscription on TADA and elects to run a local promotion (e.g., 50% off sale, BOGO sale, cash for word of mouth referrals that lead to sales).

Step 2

A nearby user opens the app

A nearby user either goes to our location-based app store to search local promotions OR they scroll through our location-based news feed to discover what's happening nearby.

Step 3

The nearby user discovers a local promotion they like

  • Option 1: The user acts on the promotion by visiting the local brand.

  • Option 2: If the brand elected to run a Peer-to-Peer Ad campaign by including a QR Code with the promotion, then the user presents the QR Code when making a purchase (now, a “purchaser”) and the brand scans it. The purchaser and the referrer each receive an instant cash back reward as result of the initial referral and subsequent purchase.

Step 4

TADA facilitates payment to the purchaser and their referrer

TADA pays the purchaser and their referrer on behalf of the local brand via cash redeemable VIBE Coins.

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