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How TaDaah Works?

Step 1: Get TaDaah!

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Download: Get the TaDaah! app in Apple’s App Store

Step 2: Get a Smart App Subscription


Register: Register a Smart App for your local business in seconds for free

Step 3: Tell Your Customers About Your Smart App

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Share: Drive traffic to your business by telling your customers about your new mobile app and the real-time promotions, specials, discounts, vouchers, etc. you will offer on it.

Step 4: Generate Sales with Your Smart App

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Connect, Sell and Grow: Your Smart App will help you connect with customers nearby, sell more of what you offer and grow your local business.

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3 reasons why your business needs to go mobile with a new local commerce tool

  1. Your customers expect and prefer apps that allow them to interact with multiple brands not just a single brand.

  2. Your customers expect and prefer apps that have a news feed for sharing and discovering information.

  3. Your customers, generally, will not download an app unless that can see using the app 1 or 2 times a day.

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Connect. Sell. Grow.

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Subscribe now and get your 1st 3 months of your smart app for free (a $60 value).

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