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How TaDaah Works?

Step 1: Get TaDaah!

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Download: Get the TaDaah! app in Apple’s App Store

Step 2: Get a Smart App Subscription


Register: Register a Smart App for your local business in seconds for free

Step 3: Tell Your Customers About Your Smart App

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Share: Drive traffic to your business by telling your customers about your new mobile app and the real-time promotions, specials, discounts, vouchers, etc. you will offer on it.

Step 4: Generate Sales with Your Smart App

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Connect, Sell and Grow: Your Smart App will help you connect with customers nearby, sell more of what you offer and grow your local business.


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the tools you need to grow your local business

The TOP 5 Reasons Why Your Local Business Should Enhance Your Digital Solutions!

Research has shown that 86% of local business owners are extremely dissatisfied with their ability to connect with customers nearby and the local marketing solutions available to them.


So, we created a new local marketing tool (a "smart app") that is revolutionizing the way you can connect with customers nearby and here are 5 reasons why you should get one for your local business today!

  1. Get started for free instantly, just like that!

  2. Simple and easy to use!

  3. Dynamically-generated website option *

  4. QR Code linked to your website option *

  5. Instant analytics option * (compare return on investment (ROI) for each campaign and fine tune on the fly)


Every paid smart app (upgrade for only $20 per month per location) comes with the following:

  1. Website: A dynamically-generated website that allows you to share your smart app with anyone that has access to a web browser.

  2. QR Code: A QR Code that can be linked to your website AND used to offer real-time promotions, specials, vouchers, discounts, menu changes, etc.

  3. Analytics: An insights dashboard for your smart app(s) that provides you with the data you need to make smarter decisions about which of your local marketing campaigns deliver the best results.

While a paid subscription gets your more features and enhancements, your free smart app provides you with the ability to (1) reserve and protect your smart app, (2) post local information that can drive traffic to your local business, and (3) have your smart app appear in a location-based news feed for simpler and faster discovery by customers in your local community.

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Smart Apps

Get Your's Today

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