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Our Partner Program

TaDaah's Partner Program is a simple way for your organization to generate new revenue while helping local businesses to sell more.

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Why partner with TaDaah

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The TaDaah! Partner Program is designed to help you and your customers. Become a TaDaah! Partner and help your customers (local businesses) succeed!

The TaDaah! Partner Program provides an additional revenue stream for your organization while simultaneously helping your customers (local businesses) to connect, sell and grow their business.

The TaDaah! Partner Program enables partners to build and grow successful businesses while delivering customer success by selling a new type of mobile app (an "Applet").

It's a win-win solution for everyone that's involved.

In order to participate in the program, partners must agree to and accept the policies that are subject to and made part of the TaDaah! Partner Program Agreement (TPPA).

Market Opportunity for Applets

Employer Establishments

Non-Employer Establishments

U.S. Local Businesses

The U.S. Census defines an “establishment” as follows (we simply call them “local businesses”):

An establishment is a single physical location at which business is conducted or services or industrial operations are performed. It is not necessarily identical with a company or enterprise, which may consist of one or more establishments.”

By way of illustration, Target is a single company that has over 1,800+ "establishments (stores)" in the U.S. and McDonald's is a single company that has over 14,000+ "establishments (restaurants)" in the U.S. Each "establishment" is a local business that's eligible to receive a free Applet.

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Building a better way to work, together 

Our partners have long-standing relationships with local businesses and have a vested interest in seeing those businesses prosper in a new world and in a new normal.


We’ve designed a partner program to help our partners and their customers to benefit from new, patent-pending technology (Applets) that will transform the way local businesses connect, communicate and interact with their customers nearby.

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The Benefits

Increase your organization's revenue by helping your customers (local businesses) to connect, sell and grow

Earn Revenue: Earn a 50/50 revenue split for every TaDaah! Premium or Premium Plus subscription you sell.

Help Your Customers: Help your customers when (post-pandemic) and where (in their local communities) they need it most.

Help Consumers: Help consumers to live, work, shop and play better in their local communities by making it easier and simpler for them to discover and connect with your customers.

Play a Crucial Role: Play a crucial role in helping local businesses recover from an unprecedented global shutdown that broke the connections between them and their local customers.

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