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Mobile Apps and the Toothbrush Test

The majority of your customers don’t or won’t download your mobile app because it likely doesn’t pass the “toothbrush test” for them – it’s not something they will use 2 to 3 times a day. Instead, your customers are far more likely to interact with your brand via a platform which they WILL use 2 to 3 times a day.

The world’s most popular and downloaded mobile apps are primarily apps that aggregate content, brands, users, interests, information, etc. into a single platform ("Platforms"). They are not mobile apps (products) where your customers can ONLY interact and connect with a single brand.

As such, if your no-code, low-code or custom developed mobile app is not a “platform,” then it's highly likely that the majority of your customers will never (1) download it, and (2) use it to connect and interact with your brand.

Your customers are far more likely to download a platform and connect and interact with you there (e.g., follow, like, direct message).

Customization prevents standardization and without standardization there can be no platform that allows for content, brand, user, etc. aggregation.

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