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Reward Your Customers for Word of Mouth Marketing and Watch Your Business Grow

This isn't an easy time to acquire customers, but we're here to help with the:

TADA Customer-to-Customer Marketing Platform

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We're All Advertisers

We’re All Advertisers

Every time we share something we love with people we love, we become “advertisers” for the brands that make and sell the things we love.

TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

"Your current customers know your future customers, so turn your happy customers into advocates by providing referral incentives for them as well as those they refer."

Identify Happy Customers. Reward Them. Grow Your Business.

Start for free and then upgrade to the next level only when you need to

Get Started for Free

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A local brand can join and post for FREE forever just like they post or tweet for free on other platforms.


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ACCELERATE your growth with a new type of digital advertising that provides your business with the ability to reward your customers for word of mouth referrals that lead to sales ("Peer-to-Peer Ads").


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UPGRADE to a GEO for as little as $50 per month per location (less than $1.70 per day) and get your business featured in our patent pending, location-based app store ("GEO Store").

Peer-to-Peer Digital Ads


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Social Media

How does it work?

Your best customers have a love for your local business and can influence their social circles to buy, so identify them, reward them and watch your business grow.

Step 1: Identify your happy customers

  • Use customers lists, customer surveys, email, social media, etc. to find your happy customers (people who are willing to recommend your business to their friends and family members)

  • The common denominator across all successful businesses it that they have far more loyal (happy) customers than their less successful competitors.

  • Successful companies understand that it's not about bribing their customers with coupons, rebates, discounts, frequent buyer programs, etc.  they understand it's about delivering experiences that delight their customers and we can't think of a better way to delight your customers than rewarding them when their loyalty to you generates a sale for you.


Step 2: Reach out to your happy customers and start the dialogue on how you are beginning to reward your advocates for referrals that lead to sales.

Step 3: Turn your happy customers into advocates by providing referral incentives for them as well as those they refer.

  • Your customers will love the fact that you not only reward them, but you also reward the people they care about  you will increase their coolness in their social circles by a factor of 10. 

Step 4: Acquire new customers through an innovative Peer-to-Peer referral program designed exclusively for local businesses.

TADA Local (A Customer Marketing Platfor

"Your current customers know your future customers. So, why not use your current customers to spread the word about your brand and remove the uncertainty from advertising by simply paying them for sales not opportunities?"

The Problem – Too Much Uncertainty with Advertising

The problem with most advertising is that there is too much risk and uncertainty associated with it.

Loss aversion keeps many businesses from maximizing their ad spend because the fear of not getting any sales from your ad outweighs any potential gains you might get from the ad – you don't know if you're going to make money or lose money with any given ad campaign.



Ad Spend




Sales from Ad



"The gap between the known (the cost of your ad) and unknown (how many sales, if any, you make from the ad) is too large, so many small businesses never take the leap."

The Solution – Remove the Uncertainty from Advertising

We've built a solution that removes the risk and uncertainty from advertising for local brands because businesses only pay if a sale is made.

Additionally, brands are not paying big institutions that are not likely based in their local community; instead, they are reinvesting in their local communities by paying their customers for word of mouth referrals that lead to sales (Peer-to-Peer Advertising).

Shop Local. Buy Local. Advertise Local.

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Ad Spend

Pay ONLY for Provable Sales from the Ad





"Our P2P Trust Ads eliminate the gap between the known and unknown, so it's easy for all businesses not just small businesses to take the leap."

Image Credits: Botsman, Rachel. Who Can You Trust?: How Technology Brought Us Together and Why It Might Drive Us Apart..

TADA Local is the solution to your customer acquisition problem.

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Customer Acquisition is Hard


Customer acquisition BEFORE TADA Local.

Local brands spend $161B+ a year in the U.S. alone to acquire new customers. 

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Customer Acquisition

(without TADA Local)





Complex & Expensive Customer Acquisition Processes.

Currently, the process of acquiring new customers for a brick-and-mortar business might include the following activities:

  1. Run a TV ad (Cost: $10K - $100K+ per 30 second commercial) 

  2. Run a local billboard ad (Cost: $2K - $12K+ per month depending upon the market and the location)

  3. Run a radio ad (Cost: $200 - $5k+ per week depending upon the number of ad spots and number of listeners)

  4. Pay for search ads (Cost: $200 - $4K+ month)

  5. Pay for website optimization (SEO) (Cost: $1k+ a year)

  6. Post frequently on social media (Cost: Free)

  7. Pay for social media ads (Cost: $200 - 4K+ a month)

  8. Place an ad in the local newspaper, Yellow Pages, etc. (Cost: $200+ per month)

  9. Pay for website banner ads (Cost: $300+ per month)

  10. Run a promotion on Groupon (Cost: 50% revenue share for every item sold on Groupon; $100 - $1K+ per month depending on the number of items sold)

  11. Send an email campaign (Cost: $10 - $1K+ per month)

  12. Build your own mobile app (Cost: Free - $100K+ per app)

  13. Run a direct mail ad campaign (Cost: $2K - $3k+ per 6 months; 6 month contract required for many direct mail providers)

It’s not that traditional and digital advertising can’t work.

It’s simply that it’s not the right answer for everyone, especially, for those of us who believe that word of mouth marketing is the best type of advertising.

Customer Acquisition Made Easy

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Customer acquisition AFTER TADA Local.

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Customer Acquisition

(with TADA Local)

TADA Local simplifies the process of acquiring new customers by providing you with tools to leverage word of mouth marketing.



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Reward Your Customers and Simplify the Customer Acquisition Process

Download the TADA mobile app

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Visit TADA Local and promote your local business for free

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Upgrade to a GEO subscription and gain the ability to reward word of mouth marketing

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Reward your customers when their referrals generate leads and sales

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Acquire new customers & generate new sales because of TADA Local

TADA GEOs (your digital storefront on TADA Local) starts at only $50 per month per store, restaurant, museum, etc. and includes:

  • Ability to reward your word of mouth referrals with points and cash

  • A branded app icon

  • Placement in a location-based app store

  • Gamification of your Geo App

  • Widgets

  • QR Code

  • Mini-website

  • Analytics

  • Complimentary Points

  • And much more . . . 

Customer Acquisition

Reimagined. Redesigned. Reinvented.


"I'm too busy to stop and listen!"

Customer Acquisition

  • Local Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Email

  • . . . 

TADA Local

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the tools you need to grow your local business

You might have heard that there are many types of advertising, but, in reality, there are only 2 types.

The 2 Types of Advertising

  1. Business-to-Customer Advertising: Businesses pay other businesses (platforms) to market to their target customers. The vast majority (more than 99%) of all paid advertising (and almost 100% of local advertising) is business-to-customer advertising.

  2. Customer-to-Customer Advertising: Businesses pay their customers (people) to market to their target customers. Less than 1% of all paid advertising is customer-to-customer advertising.

Turn Happy Customers Into Brand Advocates

Your brand is missing a huge opportunity to grow your business when you don't pay your customers (Customer-to-Customer Advertising) for doing the same thing you pay "others" to do (Business-to-Customer Advertising) — a sale is a sale no matter how you get it.

Finally, it is extremely unfair to not pay one party (your customers) for doing the same thing another party does.

"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising?" – Jim Rohn

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