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A Local News Feed Built Right In.

Your customers are going to love your smart app because it "launches" to a location-based news feed not an app store.


Why? Because your customers prefer news feeds over app stores for connecting and interacting with their favorite brands.

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 apps to get your local business connected

We've seen the future of owned media.

Because we built it.

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 apps to get your local business connected

 Smart apps are an owned media solution designed just for local businesses like local restaurants.

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Local Reach: Smart apps will increase your local reach because we will show your business to as many people as possible in your local community.

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Local Brand Awareness: Smart apps will create brand awareness that associates your business with the places people want to go to LIVE, WORK, SHOP and PLAY BETTER.

We've seen the future of owned media.

Because we built it.

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Your Local Business

Your Smart App

Your Unfair Advantage

You already have the advantage, so make it unfair and get your Applet today.

Your Unfair Advantage

A Business That Can Do Awesome Things Like . . . Compete (and Win) against Companies 10X Your Size that have 10X Your Marketing Budget.

3 Reasons Why Local Businesses Get An Unfair Advantage with TaDaah!


Exclusivity: Smart apps, your unfair advantage, are available only to businesses, organizations, associations, etc. that have a physical address (“Local Businesses”).


Exponentially Cheaper and Faster to Develop: Compared to traditional mobile apps, smart apps are exponentially cheaper to develop (Cost: $0 $50 per month per local business) and exponentially faster to deploy (Time: 2 – 3 minutes).


Exponentially Easier to Discover: Unlike traditional mobile apps, your smart app is designed for simpler and faster discovery by customers in your local community via a location-based, social news feed.

Sign-up for Your Unfair Advantage Today

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Snap a photo of what's available or what's happening at your local business.

Use your smart app to post information for easy discovery by customers nearby.

Attract, engage and delight new and existing customers.

What will your smart app do for you?

Snap. Post. Attract.


Increase Your Reach

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Increase Your Brand Awareness

Websites vs. Mobile Apps

While there are about 2 billion websites in 2020, Apple’s and Google’s app stores have only about 1.8M and 2.5M apps, respectively. This means your local business likely has a website, but not a mobile app.


Mobile App Growth Reached a Plateau

Mobile apps have not enjoyed the same sort of exponential growth as websites due to 3 primary reasons:

  1. Cost (Avg. cost per mobile app is approx. $10K - $100K+),

  2. Complexity (It generally takes multiple people 1 - 6+ months to create and launch a mobile app), and

  3. Footprint (The average person has an appetite for a footprint of only 50 – 150+ apps installed on their phones).

Key Takeaway: Even if you can have the money, time and team to develop your own mobile app, the 3rd hurdle (footprint) is almost insurmountable.

Smart Apps Change Everything


Smart apps solve the 3 major hurdles that prevent mobile apps from growing exponentially:

  1. Cost (Smart apps costs $0 - $50 per month per local business),

  2. Complexity (Smart apps take 1 - 2 minutes to create), and

  3. Footprint (i.e., an smart apps does not need to be installed or downloaded to your customers’ phone).

Now You See Me, Now You Don't


The “Now You See, Now You Don’t” design of smart apps removes the biggest barrier that your local business has in growing your business with a mobile app – footprint.

Unlike a mobile app, smart apps are designed only to appear at the moment when your customer might need them (when they are physically near your local business).

Unfair Advantage

An unfair advantage is when you receive the same or better benefit than another (e.g., better reach and brand awareness), but the benefit you receive is exponentially simpler, faster and cheaper.


Since smart apps are available only to businesses, organizations, associations, etc. that have a physical address ("local businesses"), they will provide an unfair advantage to local businesses that will help them increase their reach, brand awareness, engagement, store traffic, conversions, etc.

There's A Smart App For That

Smart apps are simply a new type of mobile app designed specifically and exclusively for local businesses.

Unlike a traditional mobile app, your new mobile app is exponentially simpler, faster and cheaper for your local business to connect with customers for the following reasons:

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Better Value and Visibility: Your smart app provides more value and benefits than an app that might cost you $10K - $100K+ to develop and deployAdditionally, your smart app is guaranteed to appear in a location-based news feed that contains only other businesses in your local community.

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Less Competition: Instead of competing for discovery with millions of other apps (e.g., game, fitness, lifestyle, productivity), your smart app only competes for discovery with other nearby businesses via local news feeds, maps, marketplaces, etc.

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A Single Place for Local Discovery: Your customers will now be able to go to one (1) place and discover everything of interest to them happening in their local community including information about your local business.

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We’ve developed the smart app to (1) give back to local businesses, and (2) give them the power and ability to leverage their physical location to develop their own mobile app.

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Unlike traditional mobile apps (which are stored on your mobile device), smart apps are 100% hosted in the cloud which makes them exponentially simpler, faster and cheaper than traditional mobile apps.

All of the advantages.

None of the drawbacks.

City view

We're building the future of mobile apps for local businesses 

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Smart apps level the playing field for access to local customers.

Local Retailer

1.2m away

Local Employer

3.1m away

Local Theater

4.3m away

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IF you always dreamed of having your own mobile app, then you can get started today for free!

Get a smart app and let us show you how the future works.

The easiest way to create your own mobile app without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time.

Social. Local. Mobile.

Are you ready for your advantage?

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