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COVID-19 Changed Everything

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Customers have changed. They’re looking for new ways to engage with local businesses. Your customers today have a new set of expectations that's largely driven by what they experienced during the global pandemic.

The global pandemic revealed that the physical experiences and social interactions we get from local businesses are essential to our mental, social and economic well-being.

This means local businesses always had an advantage over their online peers – they simply lacked the right tools and technology needed to exploit their advantage . . . until TaDaah!.

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation across industries (e.g., remote work, remote learning, telemedicine, retail). The global pandemic also revealed some hard truths about our need and love for local businesses. It revealed that it’s very difficult for us to function for extended periods without our local businesses.

You’ve been told for years “physical retail is dying” because "the internet and social media shifted the advantage to online businesses," but that was never true. We need and crave the physical experiences and social interactions that we get from local businesses, NOT online businesses.

This means . . . your local (physical) business always had an advantage over online businesses – it’s the reason why e-commerce sales remained less than 10% of all retail sales until recently.

Once we get past the global pandemic, we are going to discover (as with so many other things), there is going to be a new way of doing business for local businesses. For starters, there is going to be an increasing need by your customers to get local information quickly we spend far too much time driving around to various locations only to arrive and learn they didn't have what we were looking.

We also learned how important physical experiences and physical relationships are to our mental and physical health. It's the advantage physical retail always had over online retail. Physical retail has an opportunity to develop rich and long-lasting personal relationships with their customers and personal relationships are what makes people come back again and again.

Our smart app platform solves one of the most pressing problems for your local business getting noticed locally in an increasingly crowded and noisy world. Think about it . . . it's much easier for your business to get noticed in a crowded mall vs. a dead end street. Stop going it alone and join a platform with other local businesses in your area where each of your businesses benefits from every new user and every new brand that joins the platform. Every new store in a shopping mall not only helps itself, but also helps other stores in the mall.

Your ability to drive customer and sales growth in a post-pandemic world will rely heavily on your ability develop rich and long-lasting personal relationships with your customers.

Get a smart app today and start attracting, engaging and delighting your customers nearby.

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