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Smart Apps: Come for the tool, stay for the network

Come for the tool

A smart app is an elegant and beautifully simple mobile promotion tool for local brands to share information about their brand with customers nearby.

The appeal of the tool is both the design and cost. It's the first and only branded mobile app that has network effects (i.e., each new users makes each smart app more valuable). Additionally, since you can get the most basic version for free, what is there to lose?

As a brand, you can use your smart app to list promotions, events, sales, offers, etc. that attract, engage and delight customers in your local community.

Consumers will come to TaDaah! just like they go to Groupon to learn about the best deals offered by their favorite brands nearby. The brands and their special offers attract consumers to use Groupon.

Stay for the network

As more brands join to share their offerings and consumers join to learn/discover opportunities nearby, the platform becomes more valuable to both brands and consumers. Over time, brands and consumers participate and interact more on the platform.

After we get a critical mass of brands and consumers, network effects should start to kick in.

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